Have you always been interested in Japanese sake, but had a hard time choosing the right sake for you? KURAND was born to solve your frustration. The world of Japanese sake is vast and deep. However, we do not want to limit ourselves to that, but rather to create a place where it is easy and fun to find your own sake among the many varieties of sake available.

There are many small breweries all over Japan, and the free flow of creativity and the spirit of innovation has resulted in many outstanding, yet unseen, creations. Through our shops and channels, we hope to provide many exciting moments of sake tasting, allowing you to experience the story that the breweries want to tell and the different ways in which sake is made. We are also working with farmers to ensure that the materials which are essential to the production of sake are carefully monitored. By supporting breweries and farmers, we will continue to promote the beauty of sake and bring the best of Japanese sake to everyone. Let's meet with sake at KURAND!