Sake from a small distillery tells a story.

What kind of people and what kind of mindset are involved in the making of a bottle of sake? And what kind of creativity and skills are put into it? If you know the story behind the sake, every sip is even more delicious. Although it may not be well known in Japan, these breweries are hardworking and passionate, and everything is handmade to the best of their ability. Let us tell you the story of our relationship with sake.


A freer and more enjoyable encounter with sake.

You don't need to have complex knowledge or rules to enjoy alcohol. The best way to enjoy sake is to drink it in a way that feels good to you. That's why KURAND has partnered up with small breweries across Japan to brew sake with creativity and deliver it to customers. We offer moving encounters with sake to as many people as possible.


Brewing sake for the next 100 years.

Japanese sake cannot be brewed without natural materials such as rice, grains, and fruits. With the philosophy of "Sake brewing begins with agriculture", we work with farmers across the country to brew Japanese sake. KURAND's goal is to brew sake that is sustainable and that will continue to produce delicious sake.